Demolition strip outs, Werribee

Strategic Demolition’s professional team provides comprehensive strip-out services to commercial and government clients.

Whether you want demolition strip outs for multi-level offices, shopping centres, schools, clubs and pavilions or are after shop defit services, we can help.

Demolition strip outs in Werribee and other parts of Victoria are a core part of our business. They can vary from removing an entire kitchen, certain lighting, cabling or floors to a complete back-to-base strip out that leaves a clean slate in its wake.

We are skilled at handling difficult access sites and can cater for after-hours work where required.

There’s also peace of mind in knowing that after the work is done, our team will remove the demolished material so you are left with a clean site. With a strong focus on recycling, we work hard to dispose of the debris in an environmentally-friendly way.

Shop strip-out work includes removing –

  • All fixtures and fittings including shelves, wall brackets, slat walls, display counters and cabinets
  • Internal walls, built-in furnishings, shop frontage and displays
  • Floor coverings and floor grinding
  • Supplies including plumbing and electrical
  • Air conditioning, ventilation and sprinkler systems
  • And recycling management for safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of debris, with Strategic Demolition striving for 80 per cent minimum recycling

Office strip-out work includes removing –

  • Furnishings and fittings including in-built kitchenettes, seating and lockers
  • Internal walls and partitions, ceilings, floors, mezzanines  and piping
  • Foyer and reception signs and end-of-trip facility
  • Plumbing and electrical supplies including cables, lighting, heating, audio visual systems, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Floor coverings and floor grinding
  • Lift shafts, escalators and precast internal and external concrete staircases
  • Comprehensive recycling management

If you are in need of an experienced team to carry out demolition strip outs, it’s time to talk to Strategic Demolition. We work hard to ensure every demolition project runs smoothly and safely so please contact us to get the ball rolling. While strip outs are an important part of our business, why not ask us about our other services too, including specialised demolition and large-scale demolitions in Werribee.